Solar lighting system design: PID was used in hardware and software was developed in C. A large amount of CAD drawing, P-spice simulation, coding and testing was done.
Microprocessor Design: A small scale microprocessor was designed. All different parts such as register, BUS, ALU, memory, controller were coded and simulated separately using Verilog coding. Finally, they were combined and tested using different test bench.
Car Robot design: Designed and developed a PI controller that controls the speed and direction of a car robot. PI controller was combined with wireless system, sensor system and user interface subsystems for develop the robot.
Digital System Project: Designed an automated greenhouse door controller system. This system took signal from temperature and angle sensor; converted it to digital signal by using ADC. The system board was programmed to send 8bit data to DAC for moving the motor. LCD display was used to display temperature & statues.